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How much do Media Walls cost?

Embark on a journey of refined living with DEVIN Furniture, your go-to for bespoke media walls that redefine luxury. Wondering about the investment for these exquisite creations? Let's dive into the details.

Cost Transparency at Its Finest

At DEVIN Furniture, we prioritize clear pricing. Understanding the investment is key, which is why we break it down to give you an idea of the costs for a high-end bespoke media wall. The pricing is influenced by design intricacy, reflecting the effort, creativity of our designers, and the skilled labor of our craftsmen. Additionally, the origin and quality of materials, along with features like lighting and hardware, play a role in determining the overall cost.

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Beyond Standard Offerings

Bespoke means unique, and our pricing reflects that individuality. No fixed prices for custom furniture here; each project is as distinctive as your vision. Consider your space, whether it's a cozy 3-meter or a sprawling 6-meter – our creations are tailored to fit seamlessly.
To simplify and provide an idea of the cost of planning a bespoke media wall: On average, prices start at £1300 per linear meter. This means the cost per meter of your dream media wall is determined by the level of customization you desire. For example, if your wall is 3.5 meters wide, multiply 3.5 by £1300, and the estimated cost for your bespoke media wall would be approximately £4550.

Fireplace Options – A Separate Consideration

Elevate your ambiance further with a fireplace, carefully curated to complement your media wall. Fireplace options are priced separately, ensuring you have the flexibility to choose the size, features, and quality that resonate with your taste.

Ready to Transform Your Space?

Curious about the cost of bringing bespoke luxury into your home? Connect with us to schedule a consultation. Our experts are ready to discuss your vision, understand your requirements, and provide a more detailed estimate tailored to your unique project.

At DEVIN Furniture, we don't just create furniture; we sculpt experiences. Elevate your living space with a bespoke media wall where every detail is a masterpiece, and the investment is as exceptional as the creation itself.

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